The Problem

Ofsted are finding schools are ‘Requiring Improvement’ because of safeguarding concerns. Even the best Teaching and Learning schools can be deemed as requiring improvement if Ofsted feel you are not safeguarding your students sufficiently. This includes online safety. You will be expected to demonstrate that you are committed to safeguarding your students online and have a comprehensive strategy to ensure that all stakeholders understand the risks involved and know what to do when a matter arises. You will be expected to show that your policy is current and has had input from varying stakeholders including governors and students. You will need to show that you have an age appropriate online safety curriculum and that staff are regularly updated with online safety training. You should have technological systems in place to assist safeguarding and robust reporting mechanisms if a concern arises.

We can help you ensure that you are doing all you can to protect your students online and provide you with the strategies and resources to confidently demonstrate to Ofsted that you are outstanding at protecting your young people.

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